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German Vintage Styled Paper Scraps
Nostalgic Dresden Ornaments & Trims
Nostalgic Advent Calendars
German Glass Glitter by Wendy Addison
PaperBee 3D Pop Up Cards
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Product - Overview

The product range of the PaperDreamsFactory, Inc. includes nearly 1,500 articles and is currently divided into 4 main groups:

 • Nostalgic Scrap-Pictures / Die-Cuts and derived product developments
 • Golden Dresdner Ornaments and Trims
 • Nostalgic Advents Calendar
 • WorldStickers

All our items are exclusively manufactured in Germany, 100% Made in Germany, and are subject to stringent quality controls

Nostalgic Scrap-Pictures and derived product developments
Nostalgic Scrap-Pictures Nostalgic Scrap-Pictures

are offered without glitter, with silver glitter and a selection (Christmas motifs and Angels) with golden glitter. Today we use no longer metallic glitter, the glitter we use is made of glass.

Currently, nearly 300 different motif sheets stocked in the subjects flowers, animals, children, fairytales, angels, Christmas and Easter.

Another classification is the genre that we named Dream of Youth, which, defines the appearance of the die-cuts arc in the period 1852 to ca.1950 and the motifs from the 1950s. You will recognize them o the bright colours, which shows the joy of life returning after the World War II. All scrap-picture sheets are extremely delicate and sharp punched out, embossed and single packed in Cellophane clear bag.

Among the above-mentioned themes, we offer assortments of 25, 50 and 100 different motif sheets.
Miniatures Miniatures

produced very rare and very labor intensive, the Miniatures. It will be produced worldwide, only 5 different sheets.

There are between 180and 250 single images on one sheet.

The spaces between the single images are pressed and punched out by hand and also single packed in a cellophane clear bag.
Selfadhesive Scrap-Pictures / Stickers Selfadhesive Scrap-Pictures / Stickers

were among the first developments of the scrap-pictures and came up in the 70s. In contrast to the "low cost" products from the Far East, all over 100 motifs are, like the normal nostalgic scrap-pictures, embossed with a structure that let the motives appear more vivid and natural and they are carefully and delicated punched for easy peel of.

With these stickers you can quickly and easily decorate letters and handicrafts. Assortments are also offered with 15, 25 and 50 sheets of the most popular topics: flowers, animals, angels, Christmas, Easter and Dream of Youth.

To avoid damaging of the stickers, the individual sheets are sealed in cellophane.
Gift-Tags Gift-Tags

ennoble every gift and not just at Christmas time.

The gift-tags are made of reinforced paper and are printed on one side, so that may attach to the back of an appropriate greeting.

Each image is individually shaped and has an approximately 5 cm (2 inch) long, golden cord.

There are gift tags with 4, 5 and 6 pieces in a clear bag with sale claret header.

We think, that these gift-tags are the most beautiful gift-tags in the world and they are sold pretty successfully.

This product is also an ideal Promotional Give-aways to leave a lasting impression with customers.

For such actions, we offer you special discounts on volume
Decorative Table-Decoration Decorative Table-Decoration

are made of reinforced paper carton with sophisticated embossing and punching.

Depending on the size of the loose motifs of the table-decorations there are 6 to 19 pieces in a clear bag with blue headers.

The specific number and an application example are described in a paper depositors.
Loose Scraps Loose Scraps

Since these loose "shakers" are ideally suited for many craft project a neutralized packaging for trade with a header in beige has been developed.
Christmastree-Decoration Christmastree-Decoration

made of paper is a very old and traditional product from the late 19th and early 20th century.

As the gift-tags The Christmastree-Decoration are made from reinforced paper carton, elaborately embossed and printed on both sides.

The suspension in the Christmas tree is done by a thin, fitted and traditional "Tinsel" wire with golden fringes, the “Tinsel”.

Currently there are 5 Christmas motifs with angels, Santa Clauses and bells, and a set of rare flowers (roses) motifs.

The Christmastree-Decoration are sold in clear bags wit a green header.
Selfadhesive Spine-Labels Selfadhesive Spine-Labels

for European, wide (about 4 cm) file-folders. There are two 5-sticker-sets with the themes of flowers and animals and a set of 4 with the topic of angels.

The respective sets are packaged in a transparent bag with euro hole.
Greeting Card with stand-up motif
Greeting Card with stand-up motif
Greeting Card with stand-up motif

are by far the most successful product development in recent years.

The particular motif, in portrait or landscape mode, is added to a neutral double card and the envelope and can be attached with a small leg to decorate the motif.

Currently nearly 100 different designs are produced in Germany.

The complete set is packaged in a clear bag.

For the successful distribution there are proven sales racks avaiable in two different sizes.

We are pleased to advise you.
Big Scrap-Pictures Big Scrap-Pictures

For the crafts area, all motives of the greeting cards are also individually wrapped, without duplicate card and envelope, available.

These are offered with or without headers
Bookmarks Bookmarks

made of reinforced paper, with precise embossing and punching, at the top of the bookmark was hand assembled an approximately 4 cm gold cord.

There are 8 different sets, each with 4 motifs and a 25er sorting.

An enrichment for every bookstore
Present Tin-Boxes Present Tin-Boxes

There are 3 different boxes avaiable. The gift boxes for spring / Easter and Valentine / Love have a content of 45 parts each.

The Christmas Box has a content of 55 parts. This is in addition to the present followers of table decorations, and 3 large painting pictures with the small stand-up leg, nor the complex includes hand crafted Christmastree Decoration.
Collective Tin-Box Collective Tin-Box

suitable for the nostalgic Scrap-Pictures, we offer new in the summer of 2009, a collecting tin box in the stable right dimensions. In the box there are 5 of the most popular Die-Cuts.
Puzzles Puzzles

In co-operation of the company Kosmos publisher, Germany, 4 puzzles with 500 and 1,000 puzzle pieces were printed.

A special gift for lovers of nostalgic motifs.

These articles are completely "Made in Germany".
Decoupage-Crafting sets Decoupage-Crafting sets

have been developed in cooperation with the firm Efco Germany.

The 4 Handicraft Kits include everything to a nice, quick and creative success to realize.

An interesting and beautiful gift.
  Sales Aids
Sales display small Sales display small

The sales display is ideal for the beginner. It integrates ideally into almost any store equipment. The customer can easily remove the Scrap-Pictures, select and return them.

The display is filled with 100 pieces Die-Cuts without Glitter and with 100 sheets with glitter silver. At the rear is a hanger for 20 sales bag gift-tags, table-decorations or Christmastree-Decoration.

The display has a dimension (W x D x H) by:

23.5 cm x 31.5 cm x 25.5 cm
9.25 inch x 12.40 inch x 10.03 inch
Sales display double Sales display double

The double sales display offers twice the space for Die-cuts with and without glitter. On the back wall are 2 hangers for the selection of table-decorations, gift-tags and / or Christmas ornaments.

This display fits ideally into any store shelf.

The display has a dimension (W x D x H) by:

46.3 cm x 31.5 cm x 25.5 cm
18.22 inch x 12.40 inch x 10.03 inch
Table Rack Table Rack

The small Table Rack is selling suits lovingly decorated by its small size, in any presentation table and provides a beautiful focal point in the counter area.

The stand has a circular base with a diameter of 14.76 inch (37.5 cm) and 32.48 inch (82.5 cm) high.

He has bursts of scrap-pictures, 15 different greeting-cards, spine-Labels, gift tags, table decorations and bookmarks.

The selection of products will be individually tuned to your offered assortment.

With pleasure we present you a quote.
Big Sales Stand Bis Sales Stand

The large sales stand is about 190,0 cm high and is stable at 5 rolls, so that it can be easily moved within the business area.

He has space of scrap-pictures, 43 different greeting-cards, spine-labels, gift tags, table-decorations and bookmarks.

Even the gift boxes fit in the trays of jewelry cards, so that within the year here, the offer can be varied.

We are pleased to advise you and we submit to you a quote.
Peotry - Albums Poetry - Albums

Every little girl was up to the 80s of last century, an autograph or poetry album, in leaving all their friends, greetings and wishes.

We preserve this tradition and offer 2 in Germany handmade poetry books in the colors of Bordeaux dark red, and pink.
Collection - Albums Collection - Albums

Are also handmade in Germany and are available in the colors sky blue and royal blue.

A particularly exclusive album for your photos shine - collection.
Nostalgic Advents Calendars Nostalgic Advents Calendars

Are manufactured with great attention to detail produced exclusively in Germany. Each calendar is individually sealed in foil, and so ideally protected against contamination and moisture.

We also are pleased to offer this beautiful product to our customers.

The calendars are about DIN A 4 size.
Golden Dresden Ornaments
Golden Dresden Ornaments Golden Dresden Ornaments

It is hard to believe that it produces these beautiful paper art products since 1872.

Approx. 90 different motif arches are currently available and it should be able to PaperDreamsFactory, therefore, that offer widest range on the American continent.

Note that the Golden Dresden ornaments and trimsare produced in 2 different qualities of paper, on the front gold / white back (1-S.G) and are offered on both sides Gold (2-S-G).

All sheets are individually hand-wrapped in cellophane.
Golden Dresden Ornaments Now also available with sales-header.
Golden Dresden Trims Golden Dresden Trims

are currently offered in 12 different motifs.

The length of the braid is 11.41 inch (29.0 cm) to 21.65 inch (55.0 cm) and are like the ornaments individually wrapped in cellophane.

Stickers are high quality credit card sized.

The peculiarity is that we are also able to produce small quantities at economic prices, and so we are able to offer them too small towns, museums and clubs.

The printing is UV and weatherproof and can be any residue from any smooth surface again to remove.
StickerPostCards StickerPostCards

are an innovation of our company.

On a carrier card is a WorldSticker mounted, which can be used in accordance with the postcards - recipients as a sticker.
MagneticStickers MagneticStickers

We can further process each WorldSticker in a MagneticSticker.

The specificity, even in small editions.
Angel PaperDreamsFactory, Inc.
December 2009
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