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German Vintage Styled Paper Scraps
Nostalgic Dresden Ornaments & Trims
Nostalgic Advent Calendars
German Glass Glitter by Wendy Addison
PaperBee 3D Pop Up Cards
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About us


to our website and web shop

PaperDreamsFactory, Inc.
We Have More Than One Dream!

We are pleased that you found the way to us
and thank you for your interest.

We are sure that you will find here many interesting, beautiful, unique
and long-lost items that are reflected from the realm of poetry.

We Have More Than One Dream! That means not only that we have many fantastically beautiful products in our range. The business concept of the PaperDreamsFactory is not created overnight, but has been prepared with great attention to detail in the last months and years ahead of us. Many business partners / friends have contributed to starting this business concept and we gratefully acknowledge. A warm and special thank you, we send to the owners of the company EF - Ernst Freihoff Papierwarenvertriebsges. mbH in Germany.

The Company "PaperDreamsFactory, Inc." was founded in 2006 as the "WorldStickers, Inc." in Delaware, and was based until mid 2009 in New York City, NY.

Our first product idea, especially for the U.S. market, was the "WorldStickers" because we recognized as tourists, which traveled through the United States several times, that there were no stickers of the national flags of U.S. states, we traveled through, available. Also flags of counties and the many interesting cities were not discoverable. So we decided on a return flight to Germany to implement this product idea. After several attempts distribution on the East Coast (New England), we were confident and founded the company "WorldStickers, Inc.".

2 Angels

We were also aware that we still had additional sales potential, and so we searched and found in Germany, a small and agile family company that was the last company of its kind, which manufactures and distributes nostalgic Scrap-Pictures and many products derived from them in the old traditional way and without exception to 100% in Germany. After intensive training in Coesfeld, in the beautiful Münsterland (a region located about 60 miles north of Düsseldorf), we performed for the company Ernst Freihoff Papierwarenvertriebsges. mbH, the first fairs in Anaheim, CA, Chicago, IL, New York, NY and Orlando, FL with great success.

In addition to the Beautiful and unique Scrap-Pictures or Die-Cuts, greeting cards, gift-tags and bookmarks, to name only the most important, we also have found a great need of the so-called "Golden Dresden Ornaments and Trims". With a selection of 10 motifs from the "Golden Dresden ornaments" that are manufactured by only two German companies in the world, we began the sales and now we offer around 100 different motif forms. As a novelty, we offer these individually packaged in Cellophane clear bag, ready for resale. By the laborious separation and package the each individual sheets through the skillful and industrious hands of countless most female home workers, the trading of these beautiful and rare items at all possible and profitable for the retailer.

Golden Dresden Ornament
Rhode Island

In the summer of 2009, we found at Rhode Island, our future base, our company moved from New York City to West Warwick, RI. The company name was changed on the basis of the expanded assortment from "WorldStickers, Inc." in "PaperDreamsFactory, Inc.".

Now, after a long period of preparation the web shop is online and is accessible to all visitors, but they only received after a successful registration and verification of access to the purchasing conditions. So we want to support and protect our dear customers.

We specialize in the supply of small and medium-sized retailers who are looking for something very special for their costumers, also for nostalgic and really unique products, which is lucrative and offered at competitive prices. We achieve this by importing and stockpiling of large quantities and of the entire range of our cooperation partners. We hope that this strategy and philosophy will increase not only our sales and will lead to significantly enhanced customer-friendly retail prices and much reduced procurement costs.

Our products are difficult to find at the big discounters and chains, as they use their purchasing policy solely on lowest price conditions, which are only realizable in the Far East. This is in contrast to our traditional values of quality, durability and longevity. We are sure it is estimated that delighted our extensive range and our method of sale of the large number of fans of the scrap-pictures, the collectors and the many crafters.

In the U.S. there is the large number of "Scrapbookers" and "Cardmakers" who create with these Victorian paper art articles a whole new style. A selection of this works, we present in our gallery and want to offer as well as a constantly updated exhibition and stimulation. You can send us your images of your works with our products and we will issue them, according to your wishes, with or without your name and link to your website or blog.

We invite you now a most heartily, browse through web shop and we look forward to your order, we will carry out carefully and quickly as possible. In recent months we shall have much to learn from the many conversations with our customers and prospective customers. Many suggestions, enhancements and modifications, we have already implemented and we are always willing to listen to your ideas and concerns. We have realized for example a sales motivating rebate system, smaller packaging units, numerous special events and sales. We are sure that positively affect your sales also. A detailed description can be found in the "Service" area, where you also find our catalogs to be downloaded as PDF file.


Welcome to the wonderful world of poetry and of the highest art of German paper production, refining and processing.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward welcoming you as a new customer. Have fun and success in your business, like we do.

It warmly greets you from the United States of America, the best place to be....

Rhode Island

Andreas Hamm

PaperDreamsFactory, Inc.
We Have More Than One Dream!
West Warwick, Rhode Island, USA

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