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German Vintage Styled Paper Scraps
Nostalgic Dresden Ornaments & Trims
Nostalgic Advent Calendars
German Glass Glitter by Wendy Addison
PaperBee 3D Pop Up Cards
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Terms of use & Conditions

1 Contract basis


Any contract among the involved parties will only be founded on the basis of the following general terms and conditions of trade; deviating conditions are herewith excluded.


2 Prices / Offers / Price changes


All mentioned prices are – wherever mentioned – provisional and without obligation. All prices are net prices; appropriate VAT / sales tax have to be added. PaperDreamsFactory, Inc. reserve the right to alter printing errors, mistakes, price changes and possible inter sales.


For small orders below a value of net $ 100.00 we will charge a small order fee.


Individual offers remain valid for the duration of 30 days.


3 Delivery time / Delay


Delivery dates / times are only obligatory when they have been expressed in writing.


The buyer only has the right to set a new delivery date with warning of withdrawal from the contract in accordance at the end of 14 working days following an agreed delivery date.


The buyer’s right for compensation is limited to max. 10% of the agreed sale price in case of slight negligence from the buyer.


4 Shipment / Risk of loss


The risk of loss to parts of the delivery, the whole consignment, or accidental destruction, is automatically transferred to the buyer with the handing-over of the subject of the contract to the transport company/person.


The risk of loss to parts of the delivery, the whole consignment, or accidental destruction, is already transferred to the buyer before the above-mentioned date, if the shipment, even though it was ready, has been delayed on the buyer’s request.


During transport the goods will be insured at the buyer’s cost on his request.


5 Transferral of property


Property of the delivered goods will only be transferred to the buyer when all demands of the seller have been met by the buyer. The same applies for the processing of the goods. Up to that date the seller is not permitted to dispose of the goods, which have become subject of the contract.


In case of possession by a third party (impoundment, right of retainment or similar), the buyer is obliged to clarify that the goods are still in the possession of the seller.


In case of any behaviour contrary to the terms of the agreement from the buyer, the seller is entitled to re¬possess the reserved goods at his own cost.


As security against any credit risk we retain the right to deliver only after receiving the payment, accreditation or bank confirmation.


6 Guarantee


The seller is obliged to replace faulty goods. The buyer is obliged to report obvious faults immediately in writing, but no later than 2 weeks after delivery.


Minor deviations of the shown products from the delivered goods (e.g. colours, embossing, punching) are caused through production and not regarded as faults.


Single motifs might differ slightly from catalogue/website without change of number (e.g. table decoration, gift-tags). This is not to be regarded as fault.


7 Liability


The seller’s liability excludes simple negligence or light negligence. This does not include any claims for compensation incurring from confirmation of certain characteristics, which should secure the buyer against loss of damages resulting from defects.


8 Salvatorius clause


Should any individual parts of these terms and conditions prove invalid / impracticable the remaining conditions will remain valid. Both parties are obliged to replace the invalid/impracticable condition from the beginning of the situation through economical equivalent conditions.


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December 2009
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